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The Very Unofficial Highwaymen Fan Club

Back in the day we had an "official" fan club, with a President, membership and dues, the whole deal. All that is history. But by golly, we sure do still have fans, and these guys are at the top of the list.

Hy Yarchun first saw us in 1961 at The Totem Pole Club outside of Boston, and in recent years has often crossed the continent just to catch our concerts. Robert Cirillo has known our music since childhood and met us in person about 10 years or so ago, and has flown from Amsterdam, Holland to see and visit with us. He writes:
"I was recently in California and decided to swing down to Redondo Beach and visit that other great fan of the Highwaymen, the illustrious Mr. Hy Yarchun. We put on a great two-man Highwaymen Fan Club convention. We got out our guitars and a banjo and sang Highwaymen songs till late into the night. It was a blast, definitely something to be repeated. The attached photos bear witness to the event."

Thanks, guys!


Robert is on the left, Hy on the right.

Other Groups

Peter, Paul & Mary

The one-and-only, like us 50 years with their original members until the death of Mary Travers in 2009.

The Chad Mitchell Trio www.folkera.com/cmtrio/bio.html

This group, enormously popular on college campuses in the '60s, still performs occasionally with original members Chad, Joe Frazier and Mike Kobluk.

The following are websites for those popular folk groups active in the 1950s and 60s that are still performing today. They all contain new personnel but successfully recreate the distinct sound of the original group.

The Kingston Trio www.kingstontrio.com
The Brothers Four www.brothersfour.com
The Limeliters www.limeliters.com

Suppliers and Sources

Cunningham Audio Production

Don Cunningham did a super job mastering our latest two CDs.

Phoenix Mandolins www.phoenixmandolins.com

Steve Trott owns two of these Rolfe Gerhardt designs.

Banjos By Richelieu www.banjos.com

Fine new custom 4- and 5-string banjos, expert repairs. The original owner, C. C. Richelieu, now passed on, was a banjo legend. Ask for Rick.

Folk Era Records/Rediscover Music www.folkera.com

A record company and recorded music distributor run by a passionate folk music fan -- who woulda thunk it? Allan Shaw is the man, and this is THE source for folk recordings from the 50's, 60's and up to the present. Order the catalog if nothing else -- it's a Baedeker to popular folk history.

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