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Yes, this is the home page for The Highwaymen, the popular folk group from the early 1960's that recorded Michael, Row the Boat Ashore, Cottonfields, and The Gypsy Rover.

Robert Sherwin Burnett

February 7, 1940 - December 7, 2011

Our partner, colleague and friend for over 50 years, Bob Burnett, died on December 7, 2011, surrounded by his family after a fierce and extended battle with brain cancer. His close friends and his remaining partners in The High- waymen were able to be together with him in his last weeks to reminisce, laugh, and say thanks and farewell. For more on Bob's life please go here

(Please note that another partner and good friend, Gil Robbins, died this year as well, in April. We will have more on Gil's life and his time with us soon.)

After Dave Fisher's death in the spring of 2010 [click here ], The Highwaymen regretfully decided to end their 52 years of performing in public. [For an extended explanation of our decision click here ]. However, we wanted very much to keep the Highwaymen name and memory alive and so we continue to maintain this website and to make our recorded music available, both from here and on standard music sites such as iTunes.com, eMusic.com and others. In fact, a half-dozen or so recent tunes not yet released have been recorded live and we hope to make these available soon.

So, enjoy the site. We have music you can buy or just listen to, pictures of the group and us individually, a history of the group, and a page of links to the websites of our friends who love all kinds of folk music. Do feel free to drop us a line with suggestions about the site or anything else at webmaster@originalhighwaymen.com And thanks for checking in!

        The Highwaymen are Folk Era Artists